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Here at Intensity Spray Foam Insulation we realize you are unique with many choices to choose from to make your home energy efficient and comfortable. Our professional staff is here to help choose so you can relax, and let our energy savings products brighten your day! Building an AirTight Home is a professional approach to identify building envelope performance improvements that add value through reduced life cycle costs and improved sustainability.

Insulation should add value to energy savings, sustainability, air quality, safety, durability and comfort. Creating an “airtight” building through the installation of spray foam insulation, caulking and weather stripping is the fastest way to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

The economic value of spray foam insulation lasts over the lifetime of a building to maintain the environmental needs of future generations.

Helping you Save Energy Costs by up to 50%

We have the expertise and experience to provide the best whole home insulation. We will suggest and install better building solutions. These results come through the application of spray foam insulation. We are always committed to the highest quality installation and we are always concerned about building science. We take the time to educate you on what the best and most reasonably priced options are for you and your family.

Helping you Save Energy Costs by up to 50%

We have made concerted efforts to not follow the path of most of the spray foam companies out there. We like to search out and educate homeowners and business owners on the benefits of spray foam insulation not only in new construction but especially in existing homes and buildings. For just a moderate amount of foam being applied in accessible areas of the home or building, the savings are substantial.

It is clear that many people are not aware what all the options are for increasing energy efficiency and cutting utility costs. We find that many people think that replacing the heating or cooling system is the only or best way to do this. We strive to educate and show where you could start saving huge with a whole home approach to energy savings.

We are committed to providing affordable, healthy and energy efficient solutions that are environmentally friendly, permanent and American made. We are experts in this field, and have extensive training and experience in designing solutions for residential (new and old), commercial, agricultural and steel frame projects.

Residential Insulation

Whether you are building a new home or looking to update your existing home, spray foam insulation offers the most effective insulation system that will dramatically lower your energy bills by as much as 50 percent.

Commercial Insulation

Every business has a common goal: to increase profits and decrease spending. By investing in spray foam insulation for your commercial or industrial property, you will begin to see instant energy savings.

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Insulating your home is a big decision. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Intensity Spray Foam as your insulation contractor:

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We’d like to say thanks again for the beautiful job you all did! The guys doing the work have all (with no exception) been so polite, nice and accommodating. We won’t hesitate to recommend Intensity Spray Foam to friends.

Todd W.

Todd W.

Marblehead, MA

I had Intensity Spray Foam to do a complicated job for me today. They did a fantastic job. Not only did they have 2 guys spraying to get it done in 1 day, but they were super clean and professional. I will definitely use them again on my jobs.

Marc Liebman

Marc Liebman


I’m a General Contractor. I used Intensity for my last three projects and couldn’t be more pleased. Professional, reasonably priced and they do a great job!

Dominique Weyl

Dominique Weyl

Interested in improving your energy efficiency, comfort, and savings?

Intensity Spray Foam is the solution!

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